About AIM
Want to expand your experience to include helping to educate the next generation of architects? AIM is built on the hard work of individuals who want to impact the future of our cities and living spaces by inspiring young students.

If you're a High-Schooler or College Student who wants to give back (and get some great experience for a resume) please reach out to Marilyn Lugo.

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Our Commitment

Inspire the Next Generation of Architects & Designers

Inspiring Youth through Design and Architecture is the mission and ambition of our volunteers and community members. Architects in the Making is the official youth educational program for the American Institute of Architect's Miami Chapter. Founded in 2006, AIM began as a series of local weekend workshops where architects would gather to teach lessons in design and architecture to youth.

With growing popularity, an annual summer camp emerged for the first time in 2006 at the University of Miami's School of Architecture. Industry Leaders came out to give student lectures, and students gained insight from a design studio environment for the first time.

A day at camp was much like the experience of a university design education! This not only promoted critical thinking and design-based problem solving, it also exposed students to think about a career path in the Design, Architecture, and Building Industries.
Students Served
Unique Studios
Students Served
Unique Studios
Architects in the Making is AIA Miami's youth educational program comprised of local volunteer leading architects. Since 2006, we have helped inspire and shape the next generation of architects and designers.

This program would not be possible without the generous support of local firms and individuals who want to leave a lasting impact on the architecture community. Sponsors benefit from exposure to our vast community of architects, builders, and industry professionals.

Continue below to learn how you can make a difference in the education of young architects and designers. Please see below for sponsorship information.

AIM is ...

Miami Rooted
Founded in 2006 by local Miami Architects, AIM is the first program of its kind. With lots of influential architects and designers in the community, it was a natural home for young students who wanted to explore.
AIM Fieldtrip hands on learning
Community Focused
AIM supports local community engagement with Field Trips to experience Miami Architecture in its purest form. Leveraging local spaces like MCAD (Miami Center for Architecture and Design), AIM encourages its members to explore and positively impact their community.
Student Centric
Students are at the center of all that we do. From bringing in world-class lecturers, to pivoting towards a Minecraft-based system during COVID, AIM encourages students to always be creative.

Accessible to All

In 2020, the Annual AIM summer camp pivoted to include online and virtual learning to accomodate the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was accomplished through a combination of the archinthemaking.org website, custom Minecraft servers, and Zoom learning sessions. From our desire to keep the camp together amid a year of separation, we discovered that students were able to participate from throughout the US, and abroad!

Today, the mission to make Architecture and Design education accesisble to our youth continues. Though we are officially meeting in-person again for summer-camp, and for workshops, we are continuing to improve access to AIM through our paralleled online learning platform.

Each year, AIM grows a little further. With every student that becomes inspired through architecture and design, our future cities, homes, and community spaces look a little brighter!

Studio Leaders

Humberto Ramos, AIA
Humberto Ramos graduated from the University of Texas, and has practiced  Architecture in New York, the UK, San Diego, and Miami.
Craig Aquart, AIA, NOMA, CSI
Craig Aquart is a Managing Principal of MCHarry Associates, a 65+ year-old Miami architectural firm that specializes in public sector projects.
Josiah D. Hinkle, AIA
Josiah Hinkle is a registered architect in Florida and New Jersey, and earned a Bachelor's of Architecture from Syracuse University.
Ashwaq Younis
Ashwaq Younis received a BS in Biology from FIU and is an alumna of Design and Architecture Senior High. She currently works as a teacher.

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